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Lightspeed Networks, LLC.

Lightspeed Networks LLC was established in 1999. We quickly became acknowledged for our quality, reliability & our ability to meet strict deadlines. The Principals of the company have worked in the Telecommunications industry for over 30 years. While predominantly servicing the Southwestern United states, we have worked on projects as far a field as US Virgin Isles, United Kingdom & Iraq.

Fiber Optic Services

Fusion Splicing OPGW


Fiber Splicing


Multimode Fiber Terminations, Singlemode Fiber Terminations


• Fusion Splicing

We have substantial experience in all Fiber Splicing applications, Loose Tube, Ribbon Fiber. Inside & Outside Plant. We have splice Miles & miles of OPGW throughout the Southwestern United states and also as far afield as Iraq.

• Fiber Terminations

We are capable of all types of fiber terminations, our equipment utilizes the latest advances with Splice on style Connectors in certain applications. Both Multimode & Singlemode. With various connector styles (SC,FC,ST,LC & MTRJ)

• Fiber Audits

Our expertise is often called upon to Audit a customers network to help document information that may have been lost or was never documented correctly during the original installation.

• Fiber Optic Characterization. Polarization Mode Dispersion & Chromatic Dispersion (PMD &CD)

"Fiber Characterization" is performing a comprehensive suite of tests that determine all the key performance attributes of installed fiber infrastructure. Tests include; OTDR Trace Analysis Insertion Loss Measurements, Return Loss Measurements, Connector End-face Inspection, Chromatic Dispersion Testing, Polarization Mode Dispersion, and Spectral Attenuation. Fiber Optic Characterization (FOC) testing ensures that your fiber infrastructure will support next generation DWDM networks with data rates as high as 40G. FOC also identifies deficiencies in your fiber plant which can be easily remediated such as dirty connections or macro bends and allows for a streamlined implementation

• OTDR Testing

An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is used in fiber optics to measure the time and intensity of the light reflected on an optical fiber. More to the point, it is used as a troubleshooting device to find faults, splices, and bends in fiber optic cables, with an eye toward identifying light loss. Light loss is especially important in fiber optic cables because it can interfere with the transmission of data. An OTDR can detect such light loss and pinpoint trouble areas, making repairs easy. The more quickly trouble areas are identified and addressed, the less your fiber optic network will suffer from data transfer problems.

Data Cabling

data network cabling


Lightspeed Networks, LLC offers a complete voice, data, and video cabling package for any budget. We can install Data Network Cabling Installation using Cat 5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 cable, Voice / Telephone Wiring & Cabling Structured Cabling Design & Implementation, Fiber Optic installation, Business phone systems, VoIP Phone Systems, Data Wiring & Network Installation, WiFi / Wireless Network Installation, Security Camera Coax Installation, Audio/Video Cabling & Wiring, POS & Voip wiring, CCTV


Security Systems

Fiber optic security camera systems


• Security camera Systems, (Fiber Optic & Coax)

• Perimeter Monitoring systems

Fiber Optic Perimeter Monitoring is an excellent option for monitoring large perimeters. A laser within the central control unit injects light into a fiber optic cable that surrounds the perimeter . a would be intruder unknowingly will tug on the cable triggering an alarm.